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Ashkan Shimi Company

Esfahan Ashkan Shimi Company as a leading manufacturer and exporter of variety grades of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) established in 2007. This is one of the largest companies with high quality product in Iran.Petroleum Jellies have extensively been used in medical, cosmetic and personal care sectors that are used as row material in medical and cosmetic industries. In order to response to our customers demand, we produce Samples their request.The company, in order to achieve organizational and management goals in the company's policies, quality management systems, environmental, occupational health and safety standards, according to the latest edition standards of ISO 9001:2008, GMP has established and implemented under the Integrated Management System.The company always seeks to environmental preservation and reduces environmental pollution from the processing and enhances the quality of products actively.


Achieving the highest quality at a globally acceptable competitive price, we do not aim to be superior to competitors but to reach their peak. Commitments, taking advantage of the company's elite and efficient human capital, to be a pioneer in the field of production and export and one of the best in the Middle East. We believe in focusing exclusively on high quality products worldwide and maintaining a leading position in the technology of manufacturing equipment, developing a portfolio of products and understanding the needs of customers and stakeholders, playing a leading role in international markets. In this regard, we will develop partnerships with other worldwide research units to expedite new formulations to improve product quality. The company values ​​human integrity and dignity and strives to develop new ideas, equipping it with the technical know-how and technology of production and packaging, and partnering with world-class companies to produce and export goods to demand countries around the world. Had. Ultimately, we strive to respond to customer and market demands by identifying and understanding our customers' needs, applying the latest technologies and delivering new solutions.

Mission Statement

Ashkan Chemistry Company Isfahan has been established to produce different types of petroleum jelly for the pharmaceutical, health and industrial industries. The company works to promote health by supplying high quality petroleum jelly to the international market. Our main customers and target audience are all customers whose petroleum jelly is one of the raw materials used. We believe that we are primarily responsible for the customers who use our products and services. Ashkan Chemistry Company in Isfahan is trying to compete in the scene. Our business and competitiveness are international markets, so we always .strive to take advantage of the worldwide trade opportunitie.We believe that quality, premium packaging and service determine product rates. Our focus is on balancing and maintaining social responsibility while creating sustainable employment and environmental action and reducing environmental pollution. It is committed to improving the quality of its products in the next two years, relying on its creative and resourceful resources to make significant leaps in the competitive marketplace, familiar to everyone in the field and to its corporate .name  Make


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