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Liquid paraffin is obtained from the distillation of petroleum derivatives and the boiling point of this material is 175 ° C and its boiling point is 265 ° C. Grade liquid paraffin is a very pure mineral oil used in cosmetics and for medical purposes. Liquid paraffin has a variety of colorless oily or white oily liquid states. Liquid paraffin is produced by various industrial flash points. And it has many different applications.
Industrial paraffin is also used as a lubricant or lubricant oil for industrial machinery. It is also used to produce fire to generate heat in factories. Industrial liquid paraffin is one of the materials that is used as fuel for cars.

What are the uses of liquid paraffin?
• MatchesRubber Manufacturing
• Cable making
• Making poisons
• Production of paint and resin
• Adhesive production
• Textile and textile industry
• Production of waterproof industrial papers
• Manufacture and manufacture of cosmetics
• Casting industries
• Wood & Paper Industries (Writing Supplies)
• Defense Industry
• Health benefits

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